So you want to eat better and spend less money in 2020 – Now What????

If you’re like most people this time of year, you have set some resolutions for 2020. Something about the fresh New Year gives us a dose of hope – that the next year can be better than this one was. About 60% of Americans set New Year’s resolutions – with the top 2 resolutions to save money and to lose weight or get in shape.

Though 60% set them, only about 8% achieve them. Why is this??? Personally, I think it’s because we don’t take the necessary actions to set ourselves up for success.

I am committed to hitting my goals in 2020 and helping all of you do the same.


I did some research to find out what makes people more likely to hit their goals so that I could increase my chances of hitting my goals and help you hit yours as well.

What do scientists say makes a New Year’s Resolution stick?
Researchers have studied why some people achieve their goals and others don’t. This study broke it down in simple terms that even I can understand.

They discovered there are 4 key behaviors that directly correlate with achieving goals. These behaviors can be applied to any type of goal. When practiced, they increase your chances of success at hitting that goal. If your resolutions are different from these, just follow the formula and plug yours in as we go along. But, since this is Dinner for a Dollar, I am going to show you how these behaviors can be implemented if your resolutions are to “Eat Better” or “Spend Less Money”.


Let’s dive right in to show you how you can be successful this year at eating better and spending less money.


1). Write your resolutions down

Those that wrote their goals down were 50% more likely to accomplish them. 50%!!!!!! One small act of simply writing down your goals can increase your success rate by 50%. That’s substantial! So, let’s start here…start by writing your resolutions down. Pull out a pen and paper right now and write down what you want to accomplish this year.

“In 2020, I resolve to eat better and spend less money.”

See how easy that was? Ok – now that you have done this, you have already increased your chances of achieving your goal by 50%. Great job!!! Don’t stop here – with a few more simple steps, you can increase your chances of success even more!


2) Create actionable commitments

Eating better and spending less money are great goals. But they aren’t very clear are they? What does it mean to eat “better”? What does it mean to spend “less” money? How am I going to eat better? What is that going to look like and when am I going to start? How much less money am I going to spend? What am I going to spend less money on? What habits am I going to change to spend less money? And when am I going to start?

This is the time to get specific. Remember high school English class – the 5 Ws? Who? What? Where? When? Why? Dig into those here.

Let’s take the “Eating Better” goal.

To increase your chances of hitting your goal, instead of saying “I am going to eat better in 2020”, say this instead. “Starting on Jan 5th, I am going to eat a whole-food diet. I am going to eat 5 fruits and veggies a day and drink 8 glasses of water.” See how much more *ACTIONABLE* that goal is??? With that goal, you know exactly what you need to do. You need to: eat whole foods, eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day and drink 8 glasses of water. Perfect! It’s so clear you could get started right away on that. You can track that goal daily and measure how close you are to hitting it.

Now let’s try it with the “Spend Less Money” goal.

Instead of saying, “I am going to spend less money in 2020”, say this instead, “In 2019, I am going to cut $200/mo from my grocery bill. In January, I am going to reduce my grocery bill by $50. In February, March, and April, another $50/mo so that by May, I will be spending $200 less per month on my groceries.” With this goal, you know exactly what you need to do to spend less money – you need to find a way to reduce your bill by $50 each month. You now have something specific to work towards.

Take a moment right now and write out actionable commitments for your resolution.


3) Share your goal with a supportive person or group.

Researchers found that publicly sharing your goal with a supportive person increases your chances of success. This can be scary, I know. But, putting yourself out there and telling others – out loud – what you are going to do will increase your chances of accomplishing it.
Take a moment right now to brainstorm supportive people you could share your goals with. If you don’t have someone in your personal life, brainstorm some FB groups that might be a good place for you to share your resolutions.

Hint…Hint…our group is a good place for this if your goal is to eat better or spend less in 2020!

Take time right now to write out who you are going to talk to and when.

That will look something like this, “On Thursday, I am going to call Sally and tell her about my goals for 2020 and see if she would like to support me in reaching those this year.” Or, “I am going to research groups I can join where I can share my resolutions and get the accountability I need this year to hit my goals. By Thursday, I will join 2 groups.”


4) Check-in with your goals weekly and share your progress with your support network

Checking in with your goals along the way is a powerful process. Checking in each week gives you a chance to succeed 52 times a year. And a chance to reset weekly if you have fallen short of your goals. This way no major amount of time lapses if you have gone off course. Once you have done this weekly check-in with yourself, it’s time to check-in with your support network. Share with them the progress you have made toward your goals as well as the challenges you have had along the way.

Take a moment right now to write out how you will check in weekly with your goals and share this progress with your support network.

It will look something like this, “I am going to check-in every Monday with my goals. I will evaluate the previous week to see what went well and what didn’t go well. I will use Mondays to reflect on that and adapt my goals for the coming week accordingly. After I do this on Monday, I will shoot a progress message to my support partner and post in my supportive FB community”.

Here’s what you really need to know – those in the study that did all of these things together: wrote down their specific goals, shared them with supportive people, checked in weekly with their progress toward their goals and shared that progress with their support network had the most success at achieving their goals. In fact, they were twice as successful than those that just thought about their resolutions.



Can you see how going through this process will help you set a plan in place that will help you accomplish your goals in 2020?

If you want to hit your goals or accomplish your resolutions this year, take a moment right now to work through these steps. Write it out. Create actionable commitments. Find Support. Check-in weekly with your goals and your support partner. You will double your chances of success by doing that.

The good news is that, if eating better or spending less money are your resolutions for 2020, we are more committed than ever to help you accomplish that!


Here is how we have committed to help you hit those goals:

  1. We offer (almost) weekly free content. We tackle a different theme every week. That’s 52 themes this year!!! All dedicated to helping you save time, money, and energy on a whole food diet. These free teachings come out in our weekly blog and in a weekly facebook live video. Sign up here if you want to get our weekly blogs straight into your email box. Join our facebook group here.
  2. I am available to help! Feel free to post any questions in our facebook group. I hang out in there regularly and there are some pretty serious frugal whole food bosses in there that can often answer questions better than me! And you can always feel free to email me at


The point is you don’t have to do this alone. I am here. We are here. Let’s do this together!


To a purposeful new year,


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