Want to learn how to meal plan in minutes?


Real Plans

a whole food, plant-rich, allergy-friendly meal planning service!

So you never have to decide what’s for dinner again.

Real Plans has the same mission as we do here at Dinner for a Dollar….helping you save time, money, and energy planning your whole food menu.

Real Plans…

>> Creates custom, weekly meal plans in minutes – simplifying your life from breakfast to dinner 

>> Personalizes your plans to meet your dietary needs – helping you solve your complicated eating restrictions

>> Provides nutrition and macro tracking – assuring your menu meets the dietary needs of you and your family

>> Automatically generates shopping lists based on your meal plan – so you’re never forgetting items again

>> Seamlessly integrates with InstaCart – for the ultimate savings of time and energy


How it works…


Plan meals and snacks to meet your family’s likes and schedule.


Download the complete shopping list to save you time and money at the store! 


Follow your meal plan schedule to get dinner on the table in record time!

Real Plans is an intuitive platform that’s easy for everyone to use, even those of us who aren’t good at tech. 

Includes comprehensive customer support –  so you can always get the help you need

Available on desktop or iOs & android apps – allowing you to access your meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes on the go

And the best part? 

It’s affordable – because none of us are made of money around here, am I right? 

Annual rate = $6/mo

Quarterly rate = $11/mo

Month to month = $14/mo

(Cancel anytime with a 10-day satisfaction guarantee.)


So, for just $6-$14 per month, you can outsource ALL your food decisions…ALL your meal plans…and ALL your shopping lists. 

Seems like a perfect deal to me!


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