Last week, Jenny Welsh of Home After Three shared with us all about how to get our pantries in tip-top shape. Check it out here!

At Dinner for a Dollar Headquarters, I have zero interest in Pinterest worthy pantry modeling. I have no time for that. But I do know that a moderately organized pantry – with order to it – saves me money. And that….my friends….I can make time for!


How does an orderly pantry save me money?

More importantly, how can an orderly pantry save you money?

When your pantry is in order, you stay on top of expiration dates – reducing food waste. An orderly pantry also lets you know what you do and what you do not have. When this happens, you don’t over-buy and you don’t forget you’re out of something leading to last-minute trips to the store. Lastly, an orderly pantry lets you know what your family will and will not eat. So, you can stop buying the things that no one will eat and keep buying the things they will. Taking a little bit of time to get your pantry in order will save you money on your grocery bill. And that is something I can get excited about. 

In fact, I am so excited about it, we are going to host a little challenge. We’re calling it the #pantrycheck challenge. Remember the Fridge Check Challenge? It’s gonna be like that, but with our pantries. 

During this challenge, we will clean out our pantries.

The idea behind that challenge is to inspire us all to dig into our pantries and take this time to get them organized. We will pass on the things we will not use, throw out the things that can’t be rescued, and use up the weird and random ingredients that we bought in our hopeful moments. Once we have done that, we will put it back together again in a functionally organized manner.

Depending on your personality, this type of thing may or may not be fun for you. But, if you focus on the money it can save you, maybe that will inspire you to jump in! Plus, I am giving away the chance to win a free book OR a free 30-minute consult with me. So, if you can’t get excited about your pantry, maybe you can get excited about winning something free? 

So, how will the pantry challenge work? 

The #pantrycheck challenge will run in our Facebook group from September 16 through September 30.

Every entry marked with #pantrycheck puts your name in the drawing to win your choice of a free book (print, audio, or ebook) OR a 30-minute consultation with me. You can enter as many times as you want! 

To enter, do any of the following: 

  • Post a picture of your pantry before and after you organized it.  
  • Post a picture of the items your family won’t eat that you’re giving away to friends and family. 
  • Post a picture of expired items you are throwing away. 
  • Post a picture of the random ingredients you found that you’re going to make a plan for. 
  • Post a picture of the meal you made with the random ingredients. 
  • Post any tips or tricks you discovered in your pantry clean out. 
  • Any other type of pantry organization task that moves you closer to having a functional pantry that helps you save money! 

With every entry, you must post #pantrycheck – otherwise, it won’t be counted. So, don’t forget those hashtags ladies and gents!!

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