One Dollar Dinner Club

Teaching you how to slash the amount of time, money, and mental energy you’re spending on a whole food diet!

Are you wanting to eat a whole food diet but worried it will take your whole paycheck and you’ll spend your whole day in the kitchen?

It doesn’t have to be this way!!!!! 

You CAN eat an allergy-friendly whole food diet on a tight budget and a tight schedule!

It’s not a myth or a theory…I have been doing it for years. And now I am going to show you exactly how I do it. 

So…are you ready to save $250 per month on food?

How about $500 or $1,000?

Let me tell you a secret….

YOU DON’t need more recipes! You need a new system!

A system for managing how you plan, shop, cook, use, and store food.

This is EXACTLY what I will teach you in the One Dollar Dinner Club. 

In the one dollar dinner club…

I walk with you…..

  • side by side
  • step by step 
  • teaching you the exact same system we use to feed our family a fresh, whole food diet for $1 per person per meal in about 15 minutes, Monday-Friday. 

Most people report saving $250-600 per month on their food bill after implementing the Dinner for a Dollar system. My family saved $1000 per month using the system.

If you’re thinking, “YESSSSSS!! This sounds like exactly what I need!”…get started TODAY!

If you’re thinking, “This sounds great, but I need more info…..Spill the deets, Shelly!”


The One Dollar Dinner Club is based on the principles found in my award-winning book –  Dinner for a Dollar.

The Club includes:


Life time access to a complete 13 chapter self-paced course!

I come alongside you, teaching you step-by-step, in bite-size pieces exactly how to overhaul your food system.

You’ll watch a series of videos for each chapter as well as a detailed action steps video to help you make lasting change in your food life!

It’s like having me in your kitchen as your own personal coach.


All the Dinner for a Dollar ebooks! 

Dinner for a Dollar

Dinner for a Dollar Workbook

Dinner in 15 Minutes – Salsa Chicken Edition


Bonus topics not covered in the book including online shopping, cooking for 1 or 2, and more!

On average, moms who complete my system save $250 per month on their food bill.

They also report eating better AND slashing the amount of time spent in the kitchen.  

Join now so you can start saving RIGHT AWAY! I promise you won’t regret it! 

One dollar dinner club

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About Dinner for a Dollar

Hi there! I’m Shelly, mom of 4, author of an award-winning book, Dinner for Dollar, and the creator of the Dinner in 15 Minute System. 

When I’m not running things on the home-front, I spend most of my time teaching moms how I feed their families a simple, allergy-friendly whole food diet with lots of fruits and veggies for $1 per person per meal. 

as seen on…

still have questions? Check out these F.A.Q.s…

>> If I eat a         diet, will this work for me? 

YES! The One Dollar Dinner Club teaches a system for saving time, money, and mental energy on the food that you eat in your home. It works for any diet type and any food restrictions. All of the examples I use and recipes I share are based on a whole food diet, are produce rich and are free of the Top 8 Allergens. 

>> I live in a high cost of living area. I could never get my meals down to $1 per serving. Will this work for me? 

YES! You may live in a high COL area and NOT be able to get your meals down to $1 per serving. That’s OK. The focus of the system is to help you save time, money, and mental energy on the food that your family eats. The average family that completes my system saves $250/month on their food life. With reports of saving up to $600/mo. We saved $1000/mo by completing this process. So, even if you can’t get to $1 per person, I am confident you can save money on your food bill – no matter where you live. 

>> How do I know if this is right for me? 

If you want to save time, money, or mental energy on a whole food, produce- rich, allergy-free diet, you are probably in the right place. Unlock the free chapter to see exactly what it’s like.

>> I am really busy. How much time will this take?

First of all, the course is self-paced so you can work through it at a rate that works for you. I recommend one chapter per week to give yourself time to make lasting change. You can move faster or slower depending on your personal goals and the time you have. 

>> Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee? 

YES! I want this to be the right fit for you that’s why we offer a 14 day Money Back Guarantee.


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