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Where I show you how I feed my family a simple, allergy-friendly, whole food diet with loads of fruits and veggies for $1 per person per meal. It’s not a theory! I have been doing it for years. Come on in and I will show you how.


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What People Are Saying

“I considered myself pretty savvy when it came to saving money on groceries for my family – I know how to shop the deals, and have even done some extreme couponing over the years. But Shelly teaches a unique system for grocery shopping that lets you save a ton of money on fresh foods, without the hassle of coupons, and best of all – it’s totally realistic and doable for a busy mom with a million things going on. The Dinner For A Dollar system takes your available time, energy, and priorities into consideration, and still lets you save crazy amounts on food.”


“This book has literally been life changing. Prior to reading this book, I was spending between $140-$200 per week. My budget for groceries each week was $120. I wasn’t shopping any sales, and each time I bought groceries I ended up throwing a ton of food from the previous week away. This book completely changed how I shop, and I am consistently staying under $120 each week!
As a stay at home mom, it’s so important to save as much money as I can while grocery shopping. Shelly has helped me to do just that! The best part is that the plan can work for anyone, no matter what kind of food you eat or what diet you follow. Even if you use just one of her tips, you will save money! The book is easy to read, so easy to follow, and her sense of humor definitely shines through. I cannot recommend this book enough!”



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