You all know my budget is $1 per person per meal.  And that we primarily feed our family a whole food, allergen-free, veggie forward diet.


What you may not know is that we have 2-3 fun meals a month that don’t hit those parameters. While they’re always allergy-friendly, they may not be whole food, veggie forward, or come in at $1 per person. Some of our meals fall below our $1 pp threshold – leaving extra money in the budget for Fun Food Meals. Most of the time, that Fun Food Meal is a good steak on the BBQ. Sometimes it’s ribs and homemade French Fries. But, one of the family favorites is Pizza and Wings.

For our family to go out and eat Pizza and Wings, with our allergies, it costs us at least $50 – over $8 per person. So, we very rarely do that. We all love pizza and wings. When wings go on sale, which they rarely do, I grab all I can and save them for our Fun Food Nights. Wings went on sale last week, so I surprised my family with Pizza and Wings night last night. It cost me $22 and generated enough food for right about 10 servings – so about $2.25 per serving.  And, honestly, it tasted better than anything we could eat in a restaurant.


I thought I would share with you what Pizza and Wing Night looks like in the DFAD household! Bonus!!! I will be sharing all the recipes we used to serve a gourmet, 1st class Allergen-Free Pizza and Wing night.


Pizza Night

We always make individual pizzas so everyone can top their pizzas with their favorite ingredients.

For the crust

We use Pamel’s Gluten-Free Bread Mix and follow this recipe. I don’t have a stand mixer, so I toss the dough into my bread maker and let it do all the kneading.  Each recipe yields approximately (3) 8” pizza crusts. It makes the best gluten free, dairy free, egg free crust that we have ever had.

We offer 2 choices for sauce – a traditional red pizza sauce or a basil-pesto sauce.

In the past, I have made my own pizza sauce, but this time, we just used it out of the jar.   We always have to make our own pesto sauce because we cannot find a dairy free pesto anywhere on the market. This recipe makes a powerful, herbaceous tasty pesto. For the first time ever, we harvested basil from our garden and used it to make this fresh pesto. It was one of the liveliest things I had eaten in a while! So good! If you’re dairy free and have given up on pesto, try this!!!!

We put out a wide variety of meats and veggies for toppings.

Last night, we put out chicken, pepperoni, salami, oven roasted tomatoes, as well as sautéed leeks, onions and peppers. We haven’t found a dairy free cheese that we love on pizzas, so we choose to skip cheese altogether and allow the flavors of the ingredients to make the pizza pop.

For the wings

We always make them 2 ways: traditional and honey BBQ – adding the sauces in the last 5 minutes of cooking. For the traditional, we use Frank’s Red Hot Original Buffalo Chicken Wings recipe. For the honey BBQ wings, we just throw together some concoction of butter, honey, and BBQ sauce.


I hope you give these recipes a try, and for more on my Dinner for a Dollar system, be sure to check out my book! Tell me, have you tried allergy-free pizza night?

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