Did you know that studies say only about 43% of men in the US cook at home regularly, as opposed to around 70% of women? We’re usually the ones handling the budget, doing the grocery shopping, and cooking the meals for our families.


Those same studies show that the percentage of men who DO cook at home has risen dramatically in the past decade.

And that’s awesome! Because as we women know, cooking at home isn’t just a great way to eat
healthier and save all kinds of money – it’s also a way to make family memories, strengthen bonds, and teach our kiddos super important life skills.

Just think back to your own childhood. Weren’t many of your memories somehow wrapped up with
home cooking? Maybe it was baking cookies with Mom at Christmas, or learning how to cook pasta with your grandma. Maybe it was grilling with your dad, or even just eating an amazing home-cooked feast prepared with love by your family on holidays. Heck, maybe it was even your family’s home cooking mishaps, like a burned Thanksgiving turkey or an infamous dinner dish that made everyone groan, every time.

Food is love. It’s really that simple.

So with Father’s Day upon us, I started thinking about a dad’s place in the kitchen. 

Some dads do the cooking every night. Some dads grill on the weekends. Some dads contribute their famous, signature dish for every holiday. And some don’t cook at all. 

But you know what? All of them, from the most enthusiastic to the least, have the power to make
amazing home cooking memories with their kids. 


In case you’re looking for some ideas, here are a few creative ways dads can make those memories with their children, whether they cook every night or have never touched a pan!


1. Catch your food.
Does your husband or dad love to fish or hunt? If so, they can make memories catching dinner
together, and maybe even preparing the fish or meat to be cooked. Maybe they’ll cook it over a
campfire or maybe they’ll bring it home for Mom to cook, but the time they spend together will
make that meal extra special.

2. Raise your food.
Got some room in your backyard for chickens? If your husband has the farming bug, he could
make memories with the kiddos building a coop and pen, hatching chickens, and then taking
care of them and collecting their eggs every morning. Who knows – it might even inspire some
Saturday morning omelet making! But even if he never sets foot in the kitchen, your kids will
remember his part in the meal.

3. Grow your food.
Animals not really your husband’s thing? Why not try gardening? From a big backyard plot to a
few pots of herbs in the kitchen, he can involve the kids in choosing the seeds, planting and
watering them, and then harvesting them when the time comes. Often, you don’t even need to
cook to enjoy the delicious results – and then, eating a vine-ripened tomato or a fresh
strawberry will take your kids down memory lane back to Dad’s garden for the rest of their lives.

4. Cook your food.
Of course, if cooking is your husband’s thing, then get those kids in there with him! Maybe not
every night, but whenever it fits into your family’s schedule, let them help, learn, and have a
blast with Dad.

5. Design your food.
Making those memories doesn’t have to be complicated, though – it can literally be as simple as
cutting shapes out of cookie dough together, or picking and arranging toppings on a homemade
pizza together.

6. Eat your food.
Finally, if the above ideas just don’t fit into your family life right now, there’s absolutely nothing
wrong with making those memories through the simple act of eating together. Whether it’s
family dinner every night, or silly special events like brussels sprouts-eating competitions (who
can finish the most?!), weave Dad into those family food memories in a special way.

This Father’s Day, I wish the dads in your life a wonderful weekend full of love, family, and of course, food! Happy Father’s Day!


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