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2019 IPPY Award Winner!

Dinner for a Dollar, by Shelly Longenecker, was just awarded the 2019 Silver Medal in “Best Adult Non-Fiction Informational E-Book” in the 23rd Annual Independent Publisher Book Awards or IPPY Awards.With the tag line, "Recognizing Excellence in Independent...

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How to Feed Your Family When Life is Hard

Sometimes life is hard. Am I right? Sometimes it’s a little hard…sometimes it's medium hard…and sometimes it’s a lot hard. There seems to be no real way to avoid this. It’s just the nature of living on planet earth. Even when we make good choices, sometimes hard...

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Easter Ham – What To Do With The Leftovers

Easter is right around the corner and, for about 70% of Americans, that means you are cooking an Easter Ham.  If you’re providing the ham, you may be wondering what you’re going to serve – after Easter – with all those ham leftovers. We serve ham year-round - we don’t...

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Cooking for 1 or 2

You all know that I serve my family a simple, allergy-friendly whole food diet with lots of fresh produce for $1 per person per meal. You also know that we are a family of 6 – with 4 kids aged 6-18. We consume A LOT of food in our house!!! Most of the strategies that...

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