Simply AIP and Dinner for a Dollar have joined forces to bring you…

The AIP 'Dinner in 15 MinuteS' Club

Teaching you how to put AIP dinners on the table in about 15 Minutes, Monday-Friday.

Are you committed to the AIP lifestyle, but…

»  Find the food prep time overwhelming and time consuming? 

»  Find yourself scrambling every night – not knowing what to make that can work for you and your family? 

»  Need some accountability, encouragement, or support? 

you don’t need more recipes. You need a system!

 A system for getting AIP compliant food on the table fast….so you can consistently stick to your AIP diet (without losing your mind along the way). 

with the dinner in 15 minutes system…

You batch prep staple ingredients at the beginning of the week then use those to create distinct meals throughout the week – during your busiest times – taking the pressure off that Monday-Friday dinner time squeeze! 

The AIP Dinner in 15 Minutes Club will teach you how to put AIP compliant dinners on the table in about 15 Minutes Monday – Friday.  

It includes:


4 weeks of AIP-Compliant Dinners with complete shopping lists & instructions


Step-by-step guidance to put those dinners on the table in about 15 minutes, Monday-Friday


Private Facebook group with a community of AIP followers & experts to make this lifestyle easier than ever


Weekly non-dietary AIP lifestyle tips



SIMPLE - using everyday ingredients


Compliant for the strict elimination phase of AIP


Family friendly

The AIP 'Dinner in 15 MinuteS' Club

September 16 – October 17 for only $49!

*** We don’t know if we will ever offer this program again, so if you’re interested in learning to simplify your AIP food prep so you can remain compliant with your AIP lifestyle, sign up now so you don’t miss out. ***

Want to taste test the AIP Dinner in 15 Minutes menu?!

Sign up here to get 6 dinners using the AIP Turkey Taco recipes.

About Dinner for a Dollar

Hi there! I’m Shelly, mom of 4, author of an award-winning book, Dinner for Dollar, and the creator of the Dinner in 15 Minute System. 

When I’m not running things on the home-front, I spend most of my time teaching moms how I feed my family a simple, allergy-friendly whole food diet with lots of fruits and veggies for $1 per person per meal.  Now I am excited to launch Dinner in 15 Minutes – where I teach moms how I feed my family Dinner for a Dollar – in about 15 Minutes, Monday-Friday. 

Having several autoimmune diseases in our home, I am no stranger to strict, clean eating. I know how difficult it is to eat a strict diet on a tight budget and a tight schedule. 

I recently began the AIP diet myself, and I saw how much time and money the AIP diet can take if you don’t have a good system in place. 

I’m excited to bring my whole food efficiency superpowers to the AIP world – so I can help you successfully complete the elimination phase – without spending your whole paycheck or your whole day in the kitchen!

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About simply AIP

Laura Morrow is the Founder of Simply AIP, an online business that supports women with autoimmune diseases by showing them how to manage their symptoms with diet and lifestyle using the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). When Laura began suffer from an autoimmune disease after the birth of her son, she found little help from her doctors. Searching for an alternative answer, she found AIP and was able to significantly reduce her symptoms in just a few weeks.

She launched Simply AIP to provide women the products and support they would need to make AIP as simple as possible, the that they could focus on healing.

Laura created the AIP Made Simple online program to teach women how to simply incorporate AIP into their everyday lives. Simply AIP also offers a monthly subscription box filled with AIP-friendly convenience food and products that make it easier to stick with AIP. 

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Here’s what to expect each week:

WEEKLY DINNER PLANS – Including all the recipes, instructions and shopping lists needed to make that happen. All you have to do is go shopping!

BATCH PREP LIVE – We will batch prep our staple ingredients for the week together. Join me on Facebook and learn as we batch together, or you can skip the live and batch prep on your own (I’ll give you all the detailed instructions you need each week).

AIP LIFESTYLE TIP OF THE WEEK – We will, as a community, practice that tip for the week together – sharing ideas for implementation and encouragement throughout the week. 

WEEKLY LIVE Q&A WITH SHELLY AND LAURA – Ask any questions about the AIP lifestyle or meal prep strategies in our private Facebook community!


Email Shelly at or Laura at

The AIP 'Dinner in 15 MinuteS' Club

September 16 – October 17 for only $49!

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