One of my favorite things to do around the holidays is to score holiday-themed foods AFTER the holidays – at clearance pricing. Last year, I found corned beef on clearance for .75/pound after St. Patrick’s Day…..75 cents a pound!! That’s crazy-town!!!

What do I do when I see crazy-town prices?  I buy as many as I can use or safely store for 3-6 months. That’s my pricing motto. Except, I somehow forgot my own motto and went a little overboard. I bought 16 packages. Yep…you heard me right. 16 packages of corned beef.

I failed to calculate that my family would only want to eat a traditional corned beef meal like twice a year. Literally. So, after I served the meal twice, I was left with 14 packages of corned beef in my freezer and a family that didn’t want to eat corned beef for another year. I had to get creative. Over the course of the year, I experimented with ways to eat corned beef that weren’t so “corned beef-y” and came up with some surprisingly delicious options.

Wanna know the best part about these recipes?? When scoring corned beef at clearance pricing, I served all these meals to my family of 6 for $5 or less!

So, here you go…..

5 ways we serve corned beef.  

  1. Corned Beef and Cabbage in the Instant Pot – obviously…I have to list this one first!
  2. Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup
  3. Breakfast Hash
  4. BBQ Corned Beef Brisket
  5. Sweet Potato and Rice Hash


Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes, and Carrots in the Instant Pot


  • Potatoes – approx. 8 (depending on the size of potatoes) You need enough to cover the bottom of the IP
  • Corned Beef – 1 whole
  • 1 C Water
  • Carrots – 8
  • Cabbage – Half or whole head – depending on how much you like cabbage – ha!


  1. You are going to cut the potatoes so they will sit flat on the bottom of the Instant Pot and function like your trivet. If the potatoes are big, cut them in half and put the cut sides down. If potatoes are small, cut the end off and put them cut side down on the trivet. You can see in the picture how the food is layered in the IP! If you are cutting off the end, set aside the cut parts for the soup or hash later in the week! For more information on Instant Pots…check out this blog posts!
  2. Lay the corned beef on top of the potatoes.
  3. Put 1 cup of water in the IP.
  4. Set on high for 90 minutes.
  5. Natural release for 15 minutes.
  6. Put in the carrots and cabbage on top.
  7. Set on high for 0 minutes.
  8. Natural release for 15 minutes.
  9. Serve and enjoy. When served like this, the potatoes absorb so much flavor from the corned beef it’s amazing. I predict that you won’t want to cook corned beef any other way in the future!

The cost to feed my family of 6: $5 – 2.50 for corned beef, 1.00 potatoes, 1.00 cabbage, .50 carrots

    Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup


      • 8 C chicken broth
      • 2 C cooked corned beef – cubed
      • 6 – 8 small potatoes – cubed
      • 8 carrots – diced
      • ½ head cabbage – you can also use kale or spinach – but cabbage is cheap around this holiday, so it’s a good one to use right now

      You can add or swap any veggies in this recipe


      1. Put all the ingredients in the Instant Pot.
      2. Press the soup setting.
      3. Natural or quick release.

      We LOVE this soup so much!!!! Corned beef really lends itself well to soup! I highly recommend trying this recipe. So simple and tasty! If you don’t have an Instant Pot, this meal can easily be made on the stove top or in a crockpot.

      The cost to feed my family of 6: $2.05 – broth – free (because it came from my freezer – here’s how I make homemade bone broth), corned beef 1.25, potatoes .50, carrots .35)

      Breakfast Hash


      • oil for sautéing
      • 2 C cooked corned beef – chopped
      • 6 small potatoes – quartered
      • 1 onion – diced
      • 1 pepper – diced
      • Any other veggies you want to throw in here – diced
      • 1-2 eggs per person (for those who can eat eggs) 


      1. In a skillet, sauté the onion and peppers in the oil.
      2. Add the potatoes.
      3. Cook about 10 min.
      4. Add the corned beef.
      5. Sautee another 5-10 min until potatoes are desired tenderness and crispiness.

      The cost to feed my family of 6: $2.75 corned beef 1.25, potato .50, onion/peppers .50, egg .50.

      BBQ Corned Beef Brisket

      Ok – this one is way different!  And it was REALLY borne out of desperation to use up that corned beef in my freezer!

      Did you know you can soak most of the corned beef-y flavor out of the corned beef???? Yes, you can! When you rinse and then soak the corned beef for about 24 hours, the majority of the corned beef flavor leaves and you’re left with a subtle remnant of flavor! You can then use the corned beef in ways that more closely resemble how you would use a traditional beef roast. It’s genius really!!! Snatch up corned beef for .75/pound and then serve them similar to how you would a regular roast! Not a bad food savings idea!


      • Corned beef
      • BBQ sauce of your choice


      1. Rinse the corned beef really well…Soak the corned beef in water for about 24 hours – changing out the water and rinsing the roast about every 4-6 hours (or whenever you remember). The exact timing is not important. You just want to get fresh water in there a few times. After about 24 hours of rinsing and soaking, your corned beef is ready to cook.
      2. Put corned beef in crock pot.
      3. Add enough water to about halfway cover the corned beef.
      4. Cook on high for 4 hours.
      5. Drain the water.
      6. Add BBQ Sauce to the crock pot.
      7. Cook another 1-2 hours on high or several hours on low.

      Then, you will have some of the tastiest BBQ beef brisket you have ever had and you will thank me! (Especially if you are able to buy it for .75/pound)

      Use the BBQ Corned Beef Brisket any way you would normally use BBQ brisket.

      Our family serves it with roasted veggies and a salad. But, I think most would put it on a sandwich!

      This meal could also be cooked in the Instant Pot or in the oven.


      The cost to feed my family of 6: $5 – corned beef 2.50, roasted sweet potato .50, salad 2.00

      Sweet Potato, Rice, and Corned Beef Hash

      I think I am saving the best for last. I just created this recipe this week – out of a desire to find 5 ways to serve corned beef for this blog. I just felt like “4 ways to cook that corned beef” didn’t sound as good as 5. So, you’re welcome. Cause this one is TASTY!!!!!!! I’m not trying to brag, but this is one of the best things I have put in my mouth in a long time.


      • oil for sauteing
      • 2-4 cups of cooked rice of your choosing
      • 2 cups cooked corned beef – diced
      • 1 yellow, red, or orange bell pepper
      • ½ of onion – diced
      • 2 large cooked sweet potatoes – cubed
      • You can add/swap any veggies you want to this.  If you have some you need to use up, toss them in!
      • Fresh cilantro (optional)
      • Fresh tomatoes (optional)


      1. Heat oil in a skillet.
      2. Sautee the onions and peppers for about 3 minutes. If you have other fresh, uncooked veggies you want to use, toss them in now until about half cooked
      3. Add sweet potatoes and rice.
      4. Add corned beef.
      5. Cook until heated thru and to desired crispiness level.

      I topped mine with fresh tomatoes and cilantro. But, most of my family didn’t do that and you probably won’t want to either! HA!  I throw fresh tomatoes and cilantro on about half my meals. So, that’s just me.

      Lemme tell you that the combination of the sweet potatoes with the corned beef is delicious. I am not sure why sweet potatoes are not the main side served with corned beef! Try it and let me know if you agree!

      The cost to serve my family of 6: $3.25 – rice 1.00, corned beef 1.25, peppers/onions .50, sweet potato .50



      Now that you know you can serve corned beef other ways, be on the lookout for clearance prices after St. Patrick’s Day. Whatever you do, promise me you won’t buy 16!! Visit my FB Group and share with us how you serve corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day and after!

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