This week, I just need to ask you one question…….

Do you like free stuff???

If you’re like my good friend who always says, “Free is my favorite price!” then you want to tune in this week!!!

This week, we will give away 5 free chances to win my brand new course, The One Dollar Dinner Club.

The One Dollar Dinner Club is the comprehensive experience that takes you through the complete 11 step process we used to cut our food bill in half with all the resources, teaching, support, and accountability you need to do the same. The One Dollar Dinner Club includes an an e-copy of Dinner for a Dollar, an e-copy of Dinner in 15 Minutes, video teaching of each lesson by yours truly AND……a 3 Month All Access VIP Pass to our exclusive Facebook Group, The Club. The Club includes weekly co-working sessions, monthly guest speakers, and monthly bonus group activities. All designed to help you slash the amount of time, money, and mental energy you’re spending on a whole food diet. No fluff. No nonsense. Just what’s necessary to help you slash your food bill right away.

So, you’re probably thinking, “That sounds amazing!!! What do I have to do to get a chance to win all of that????”

Short answer….nothing crazy. Between you and me, I hate crazy contests requiring you to take 17 steps to enter to win…so I am not going to do that to you!

Simply tune in to the Dinner for a Dollar Facebook page – listen to the post of the day – and comment on your favorite part of the post. Everyone who comments on their favorite part of the post will be entered in that daily drawing.


The posts are excerpts from my award-winning book, Dinner for a Dollar. 4 days this week, I will post 4 large excerpts from my book. 1 each day, Tuesday – Friday.

If you’ve been curious about my book, Dinner for a Dollar, and wondering if you will like it – wondering if it’s a good fit for you – wondering if it’s worth buying – then this is the perfect time to tune in!

You can finally hear what’s inside the book – All for free!!! All while having a chance to win my course for free WITH THE all access VIP pass to The Club!

So, it’s a DOUBLE DOSE OF FREE!!! FREE EXCERPTS AND FREE CHANCES TO WIN entrance to The One Dollar Dinner Club!!!

I host The 5 Days of Freebies every year as my Valentines Gift to my audience. I appreciate all of you so much and like to take 1 week each year to show that love and appreciation! I hope you enjoy the week.


So, what’s the fine print?

  • Each post is only live for 24 hours – and then will get pulled down. So, you only have 24 hours to enter each daily entry.
  • You can enter once each day, with 5 chances to win.
  • The winner receives lifetime access to the One Dollar Dinner Club course and a 3 month VIP access to the exclusive Facebook group, The Club.
  • Drawings for all the winners will be held Monday, February 22nd. You do NOT have to be present to win.
  • Join me for your first chance to enter to win a free copy on Monday, Feb 15th at 10:00 am MST, AZ Time. That live will only be less than 5 minutes– so it will be easy to enter on that day!!!

If you aren’t already following the Dinner for a Dollar Facebook page, take time to follow now so you don’t miss any chances to win your free copy of Dinner for a Dollar.


Hope to see you this week,


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